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About us

 Skye and Charlotte are graduate musicians at MA level, with over 10 years of performance experience, with a passion for providing couples with the most personalised, luxury wedding music experience, bringing magic to special moments with piano arrangements of songs you love! Skarlette have been singing together for over 3 years, having performed together in a variety of cozy venues around Bath and Bristol. Their love of singing heart-felt ballads at the piano has blossomed into a buzzing musical endeavour, in which they hope to share this gift, bringing magic to your weddings and occasions. 

Skye Britton



Charlotte Blunn

Vocalist/ Pianist


Charlotte Blunn is a piano-vocalist from Portsmouth, passionate about classic soul music, taking influence from nostalgic artists such as Norah Jones and Stevie Wonder. Her piano playing encapsulates the softness of romantic jazz, coming from a musical background surrounded by jazz music and choral singing.

Skye Britton is a pop vocalist and songwriter from Buckinghamshire with over 10 years of performance experience. Taking influence from artists such as Eva Cassidy and Holly Humberstone her effortless vocals blend seamlessly to deliver an emotive performance .

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